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A riverboard adventure through the Alberton Gorge near Missoula, Montana offers big whitewater excitement and amazing surfing in an ancient river canyon. Montana River Guides has been guiding riverboard trips on the Alberton Gorge for over a decade. If you're ready for the ultimate whitewater thrill, this is it! Many of you have already seen us running rapids on riverboards. Now you can join the fun. With some simple instruction, a good guide and the right equipment you'll be ready to get acquainted with whitewater on an entirely new, adrenaline filled level.

"You can't get any closer to the whitewater – you're right in it; that's what makes it so much fun." Bill Blakely Riverboarding

The section of the Alberton Gorge we descend contains rollicking Class III rapids, characterized by obvious entry points with large waves caused by a combination of constriction and deep channel drops. With its large recovery pools and spectacular canyon scenery, the Gorge is the perfect setting to introduce people to this unique form of river running.

While riverboarding may appear to be pretty extreme to some recreational boaters, a riverboarder properly instructed and equipped with a wetsuit, lifejacket, helmet and fins is well-prepared for moderate whitewater. It's sort of like sledding; your center of gravity is low and you're very stable. Strong swimmers looking for whitewater thrills can learn to riverboard after a short orientation and practice session. Anyone in good shape and ready for adventure will learn quickly with proper instruction, equipment, and guidance. Following a guide, you'll learn to read the river, point the board in the direction you want to go, and manuever in the current by using arms and fins as paddles and rudders. There's no better way to understand river currents and features and learn how to read moving water; soon you'll feel like part of the river instead of struggling against it.

"It's a six dimensional river experience – 
Riverboarding is the wildest and most intimate
Kyle Erkilla surfing Tumbleweed in Missoula
river adventure out there."


Once students learn the fundamentals of maneuvering they're ready to start surfing waves and holes just like kayaks or whitewater canoes.This is the ultimate whitewater thrill, great for friends, families and company teambuilding. Prices range from $85 to $129 for day trips. For more information on riverboard or whitewater tours in Montana, call Montana River Guides at 406-214-0245, or 406-722-7238.

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