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Alan “Toots” Burgmuller

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With over thirty years of river experience, lead canoe instructor Alan Burgmuller competes every year at the Open Canoe Whitewater Championships. He organizes the Nat’l Championships in our backyard on the Blackfoot River. He knows the Missoula area rivers better than anyone and practically lives on the Bitterroot River. We’re lucky to have someone with so much experience, skill and river knowledge at MRG. Alan is a lead instructor at our guide schools and whitewater workshops when we can convince him to take a weekend off from his open boat. A graceful telemarker, longtime carpenter, and artist, and shockingly aggressive ping pong aficionado Alan now coordinates the Swiftwater Team for Ravailli County Search & Rescue. Can we say that it is truly one of our greatest honors and pleasure to have worked with Alan for so many years. He is more than a legend to us

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