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Swiftwater Rescue Technician Class

2023 River Training Calendar

Swiftwater Rescue Classes

Guide Schools  ~  Rafting Workshops

Youth Adventure Camps

April 1-2

Missoula, MT

April 7-11

Missoula, MT

April 7-9


April 15-17

Missoula, MT

April 21-23

Missoula, MT

April TBA 

Aerie EMT Whitewater Guide School

Missoula, MT

May 1-4

Full-Wait List

May 5-7

Missoula, MT

May 5-9

Missoula, MT

May 8-9

Missoula, MT

May 12-14

Missoula, MT

May 12-16

Raft Guide School 

Missoula, MT

May 15-16

Missoula, MT

May 20-21

Swiftwater Rescue ClassFULL

Bozeman, MT

May 30-31

Whitewater Rescue Institute: Technician

Gardiner, MT

June 2-4

West Glacier, MT


Billings, MT

June 5-6

Yellowstone River, MT

June 9-11

Missoula, MT

June 9-13

Missoula, MT

June 12-13

Missoula, MT

June 16-18

Missoula, MT

June 20-23

Missoula, MT

June TBA

Missoula, MT

Organize a custom class for your team !

If you don’t see a class location or date that works for your agency please call us to talk about hosting a class in your area. We have taught swiftwater rescue on rivers all over the world since 1994: the Clark Fork River, Yellowstone, Big Hole, Beaverhead, Missouri, Stillwater, Snake, Flathead, Blackfoot River, Kootenai, Columbia, Deschutes, Feather, Sacramento, Spanish Creek, Lochsa, Salmon, Swan, Skykomish, Madison, Kern, Fisher, North Fork, Middle Fork, Middle Fork (Pick One), Big Horn, Bitterroot, Boulder, North Platte, Payette, the Maumee, Henry’s Fork, Rio Sevegre, The Falls, the Mighty Ganga and many more!

Swiftwater Rescue Class Costa Rica

Swiftwater Rescue Training in Costa Rica

Please call us if you would like to schedule a class on your local river.We regularly create custom rescue & guides training to meet the needs and schedule of rescue agencies, outfitters or organizations. Please give us a call at 406-214-0245 or email us at rivers@montana.com. We are affiliated with the Whitewater Rescue Institute & Aerie Backcountry Medicine.

Swiftwater Rescue & Rafting Personal Equipment

You will need a full wetsuit or drysuit; a pair of neoprene booties and gloves, a helmet (w/skullcap or hat); and a lifejacket.  Bring a lunch, water and extra dry, warm top & bottom layers such as fleece and polypropylene.

Entrapment river rescue training with Montana River Guides

Swiftwater Rescue Training with Montana River Guides

Register by booking online or calling to confirm space in the class.  Just call and give us a credit card number or send the deposit and your contact information to Montana River Guides 2439 Gilbert Ave, Missoula, MT 59802.  Agency billing can be arranged over the phone. If the course is canceled or you cancel more than three weeks prior to the class a full refund will be made. Otherwise, you may forfeit your deposit. For specific directions, a class outline, and lodging info, call Mike or Cody, at (406)-214-0245.

Whitewater Rescue and River Skills Clinic for Teens: June 16-19

Whitewater Rescue & River Skills For Teens Our Missoula teen camps are fun! Designed for  families and kids age 10 through 17, our adventure...
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Whitewater Rafting Workshop

Whitewater Rafting Workshops Class Dates Whitewater Rafting Workshops: A full weekend of whitewater instruction and river skills practice for...
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Swiftwater Rescue: May 5-7, Missoula

Swiftwater Rescue Training: May 5-7, Missoula, MT Location: Missoula, Montana Rivers: Clark Fork & Blackfoot Montana’s best swiftwater...
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Swiftwater Rescue Classes: Missoula 2023

2022 Swiftwater Rescue Training near Missoula, MT. Swiftwater Rescue Technician Classes on the Clark Fork and Blackfoot Rivers.
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