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Whitewater rafting the Clark Fork River’s Alberton Gorge is our specialty. It’s our home river, and, not coincidentally, home to some of Montana’s greatest whitewater and river canyon scenery. We are based right on the river at the Alberton Gorge Ranch. The Montana River Guides Retail Shop convenient location allows guests to check in  and get geared up with their guide. Then it’s a short walk over to the boat ramp to start the trip.  If you’re staying near Coeur d’Lane or Missoula, come on out for a river adventure on one our Alberton Gorge raft trips!

The Alberton Gorge is a hidden gem among the many Crown Jewels of outdoor beauty across Montana. There are raft trips available near Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks. But the summer tourist crowds can intrude on your sense of adventure and discovery sometimes.  We are located off the beaten path in Mineral County Montana, near the small town of Alberton.  No stop lights, no box stores, just two bars and a grocery store on the main street in town. It’s a piece of real Montana surrounded by National Forest and state land with plenty of wildlife and space to roam. So if you find us, you are going to discover a special part of real Montana.

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Alberton Gorge Whitewater Raft Trips are our specialty at Montana River Guides. We're the Gorge's leading outfitter with a riverside shop and headquarters, professional guides and gear running trips every day all summer. The Gorge is the premium whitewater run in Montana with rollicking Class II.III and IV rapids and absolutely stunning canyon scenery.  In between rapids you and your guests will enjoy the spectacular surroundings and watch for eagles, osprey, kingfishers, moose, deer, bear and mountain lions. The Gorge is a great family float. Younger kids (ages 6 and up) and older folks can ride in bigger rafts for a milder float while people who want a wilder ride will go in smaller paddle rafts. After running legendary rapids like Cliffside, Tumbleweed and Fang, guests can swim, relax and soak up the sun and scenery.


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