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Swiftwater Rescue Training in Montana

Swiftwater Rescue Training | Diving rescuesSwiftwater Rescue Training is at the center of everything we do at Montana River Guides. It’s how we manage risk every day working on the river guiding scenic and whitewater raft, kayak and river board trips. Using the right equipment, having upstream and downstream safety awareness, and always having a back up plan are a few of the simple guidelines our guides follow on every river trip.

Our classes focus on safety and prevention, simple shore-based rescues, rescue swimming, entrapments, boat pins and much more. There are great classes for everyone from novice recreational boaters to professional river guides and rescuers. Instructors outline rescue basics, reading water, equipment, communication, and organization before moving the class into the river. Our goal is for participants to leave the class with a solid set of tools do deal with a variety of river emergencies. More importantly we want them to be safer, more proactive and better able to prevent river accidents, whether as a paddler or a responder.

Swiftwater Rescue classNo experience is necessary. You’ll get plenty of hands-on experience learning and practicing rescue techniques before applying them to a series of rescue scenarios on the river. Our Missoula classes are based out of our rafting headquarters at the Alberton Gorge. We typically train on the Blackfoot and Clark Fork Rivers which offer great conditions and locations to make the classes great.

Montana River Guides is affiliated with the Whitewater Rescue Institute and are Montana’s original swifter rescue instructors.We have been teaching rescue classes on every major river in Montana since 1995.While we are based near Missoula, Montana we teach classes on the Swan, Middle Fork of Flathead, Missouri, Clearwater, Gallatin, Yellowstone, Stillwater, Bitterroot, Bighole, Beaverhead, and Madison Rivers. Through the Whitewater Rescue Institute, we teach classes throughout the west and as far abroad as Costa Rica and India.

Find the summer course schedule for swift water rescue training.

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Swiftwater Rescue Classes: Missoula 2024

2024 Swiftwater Rescue Training near Missoula, MT. Swiftwater Rescue Technician Classes on the Clark Fork and Blackfoot Rivers.
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Swiftwater Rescue Class: Missoula April 12-14

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Swiftwater Rescue: April 26-28, Missoula, MT

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Swiftwater Rescue Class: May 10-12, Missoula

Swiftwater Rescue Training: May 10-12, Missoula Location: Missoula, Montana Clark Fork & Blackfoot Rivers Learn river rescue near Missoula....
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Swiftwater Rescue Class: June 2-4, West Glacier, MT

Swiftwater Rescue Technician: June 2-4, West Glacier, MT The Whitewater Rescue Technician Course is an intensive 20-24 hour class with a half day...
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You will need a full wetsuit or drysuit; a pair of neoprene booties and gloves, a helmet (w/skull cap or beanie/hat); and a lifejacket. Personal equipment rentals are available from Montana River Guides for $25 the first day of class. Bring lunch, water and extra dry, warm top & bottom layers such as fleece and polypropylene.


Register by calling or emailing to confirm space in the class. We require a 50% deposit to hold your spot. Just give us a credit card number or send the deposit and your contact information to Montana River Guides, 2439 Gilbert Ave, Missoula, MT 59802. Agency billing can be arranged over the phone. If the course is canceled or you cancel more than three weeks prior to the class a full refund will be made. Otherwise, you forfeit your deposit. For specific directions, a class outline, and lodging info, call Mike or Cody, at (406)-214-0245.

Swiftwater Rescue Training | Bag toss rescue practice

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