Swiftwater Rescue Class: May 12-14, Missoula - Montana River Guides
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Location: Missoula, MT
Price: $395
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Swiftwater Rescue Training: May 12-14, Missoula

$395 per person

Location: Missoula, Montana

Clark Fork & Blackfoot Rivers

Learn river rescue near Missoula. This 24 hour Swiftwater Rescue Course includes three days developing and practicing skills on the river. After a an introduction to basic rescue principles, reading water and equipment, we float the Alberton Gorge and cover paddle rafting, boat used rescues, in flow risk management and swimming rapids. While the initial emphasis is safety & self-rescue, the class offers an in-depth look at reading water, recognizing and avoiding hazards, quick rescue techniques, riverboarding, dealing with boat wraps and entrapments, technical rescue systems, and a variety of practical scenarios. We progress from a solid foundation of rescue skills and practice into rescue scenarios on the river. The Swiftwater Rescue class is challenging, fun and tailored to the student’s needs. A manual, test, patch, I.D. card, and certification are included. The courseis compliant to NFPA standards and is certified through the Whitewater Rescue Institute.


You will need a full wetsuit or drysuit; a pair of neoprene booties and gloves, a helmet (w/skull cap or beanie/hat); and a lifejacket.


Register by booking online or calling our office. Just give us a credit card number or send the deposit and your contact information to Montana River Guides, 2439 Gilbert Ave, Missoula, MT 59802. Agency billing can be arranged over the phone. If the course is canceled or you cancel more than three weeks prior to the class a full refund will be made. Otherwise, you forfeit your tuition. For specific directions, a class outline, and lodging info, call Mike or Everett at (406)-214-0245

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