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Blackfoot River Guide School

Learn to Row & Guide Whitewater

Blackfoot River Guide School, Missoula Montana. May 2-6

Raft Guide School








Learn how to read water and row a raft while floating the legendary Blackfoot River. We have been offering raft guide schools to private boaters and professional guides since 1994 and are fired up to offer our first ever Blackfoot River Guide School in collaboration with LB Snow.   Based out of our new Blackfoot River outpost just outside of Missoula and we’ll spend each day floating a different section of this legendary Montana river.  This is an opportunity to learn about equipment and boat rigging, risk management, reading water, avoiding hazards, rowing whitewater and learning how to run the river safely with family and friends.

Early May usually means higher flows on the Blackfoot which will allow us to float from 10 to 30 miles a day. The first day we’ll float the less technical lower Blackfoot and work on rowing basics and reading water. The following days we’ll move upstream to sections with Class II and III Whitewater and features that will require more precise maneuvering with ferrying, entering and exiting eddys, and running rapids.  We’ll provide all of the gear with different size boats and frames for students to gain experience with.  Instructors will cover boat rigging, trip preparation. Reading water and learning to recognize and avoid hazards will be emphasized as we run the river.


Blackfoot River Rafting

Stern Frame Training on the Blackfoot River

No experience is necessary for this class. Our goal is to develop rafting skills and safety knowledge so participants are better prepared to take family & friends on river trips. Each day we’ll meet at 10,000 Waves new Blackfoot River Headquarters at McNamara’s Landing.  Camping and cabin rentals are available onsite. LB Snow has drysuit and gear rentals available.

What To Bring–Personal Gear for the River

Wetsuit/ Paddle Jacket Combo

River Helmet

Skull Cap/Hat

Booties, river shoes, or old tennies

Lifejacket (Whistle & Knife)

Neoprene River Gloves (optional for June)



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