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Montana Whitewater Rafting on the Alberton Gorge

Rafting Montana’s best whitewater on the Alberton Gorge is a hard job–but somebody’s got to do it. Lucky for us–it’s us. We have a great crew of guides this year at MRG. We are so lucky to have longtime MRG guides Cody, Jess and Gena back. Cody is the Director of the Whitewater Rescue Institute, Jess is going to start teaching full time this fall and Gena just returned from a year of guiding stints on the Grand Canyon and in Northern California. Yael Girard has joined the crew and established herself as the best damn new experienced guide we ever had here at MRG. Tommy and Matt are back, working hard and guiding great trips. And we have a bunch of great new guides at MRG (Jenna, Coleman, Brooks, Jo and Tor) who all put in lots of time last year and this spring logging training trips and getting their certifications in swiftwater rescue, first aid and cpr. We lucked out big time again. Now if we could only figure out a way to pay them what they’re worth.
Everyon’e busy guiding trips and then running and running the river after work. We’re guiding multiple scenic and whitewater raft trips every day all summer through September. There’s plenty of whitewater here–when most of the other rivers in Montana and Idaho have dried up.
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