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An Overnight Trip on the Flathead River

It has been a busy fall so far…we have taught rescue classes in Hawaii and Big Sky, Montana…WRI has a crew over on the Yellowstone helping researchers with follow up work on last years oil spill, and we have upcoming classes in Ohio and Missoula. Last weekend I found time to sneak up to a scenic section of the Flathead River and do an overnight trip with Quinn, Sam and Rey.
What a beautiful river and perfect way to spend an early autumn weekend. We used to guide trips on the white cliffs section of the Missouri River…this section of the Flathead was every bit as beautiful. We took a raft, a cataraft, a stand up paddle board, and our fishing gear.
Crystal clear water, white mudstone cliffs, caves, golden eagles ruling a smoky sky full of raptors, small mouth bass, big brown trout, the soothing grace of being carried by the current of a beautiful river, falling asleep to more owls than I have ever heard, …all enjoyed with my boys. Next time we’re taking Mom Ev and Jo and our snorkel gear….
I’ve promised myself to make more time for trips like this. It’s what got me started in this business…We get so wrapped up in our home rivers that we forget to go explore and rediscover the other rivers Montana has to offer…trips like this reawaken the adventurer inside us …remind us to count our blessings and get outside with the people we love more often.

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