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Learn to Guide Whitewater!

Spring Rafting and River Rescue Classes

Raft Guide Training
Designed for people wanting to lead whitewater trips and handle rafts in rescue situations We focus on safety, reading water, and guiding paddle rafts through Class II, III and IV whitewater. Topics include trip preparation, equipment, risk management, boat handling, communications, and rescue techniques.
Combines river instruction with a certified Swiftwater Rescue Technician class the first two days. On days three, four and five you’ll guide whitewater raft trips on the Blackfoot River and Alberton Gorge. Tuition: $485

Whitewater Rafting WorkshopA mini guide school. Two long days on the river giving you as much information and hands -on practice about rowing and paddling rafts as humanly possible. Designed to get you jump started on guiding your own raft through Class II and III whitewater. Tuition: $185

April 5-9     RAFT GUIDE SCHOOL                      Missoula, MT
April 5-7     Swiftwater Rescue Tech                   Missoula, MT
April 8-9     Whitewater Rafting Clinic               Missoula, MT
April 12-14  Swiftwater Rescue Tech                 Billings, MT
April 27-28  Swiftwater Rescue Tech                 Kalispell, MT
May 10-12   Swiftwater Rescue Technician         Missoula, MT
May 10-14   RAFT GUIDE SCHOOL                      Missoula, MT
May 11-12   Swiftwater Rescue Technician         Jackson,WY
May 13-14   Whitewater Rafting Workshop         Missoula, MT
May 18-19   Swiftwater Rescue Technician         Bozeman, MT
May 25-26  Swiftwater Rescue Technician          Big Sky, MT
May 29-30   Swiftwater Rescue Technician         Gardiner, MT
June 1-2    Swiftwater Rescue Technician          West Glacier, MT
June 7-11  RAFT GUIDE SCHOOL                        Missoula, MT
June 14-18  Whitewater Leadership         Alberton Gorge Ranch  
June 19-21  Whitewater Adventure Camp  Alberton Gorge Ranch

Call 406-214-0245 for details and registration info.

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