Missoula Rafting and surfing with Montana River Guides

Father’s Day Surfing

Missoula Rafting and Missoula Surfing

Happy Father’s day 2016. Missoula rafting is what we do day in and day out at Montana River Guides. I think  I have been rafting, river boarding or kayaking on every Father’s day for the past 25 years. To celebrate, I just went surfing early this morning to start the day right. By surfing I mean I repeatedly jumped into the river and tried to catch a wave. Two primary challenges were; 1. The board was small, better suited for somebody much smaller and more athletic than this Dad. 2. I am a terrible surfer. Hence, there was not much standing up and I broke a fin. Can I still say I went surfing? Well it felt great to be in the river first thing in the morning, all alone at sunrise. I can’t think of a better way to start a day.

Missoula Montana Raft Trips

We are already river rafting near Missoula every day this season and are looking forward to a great year. Montana River Guides offers Clark Fork River raft trips on the Alberton Gorge. We also offer scene raft trips in Missoula if you want to relax and enjoy the scenery.  Missoula Jack, Paul, Maddie and Drumsticks are on the Grand Canyon right now so Ellie, Corey, Sam, Quinn Everett and the Crew running all of the trips. Come see us for Montana’s Best Rafting.

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