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Swiftwater Rescue Class

Whitewater Rescue Class: April 7-9, Missoula

Swiftwater Rescue Training Montana
A Swiftwater Rescue Technician class will be offered in Missoula 
April 7-9 on the Blackfoot and Clark Fork Rivers. The twenty four 
hour class is designed for novice river paddlers, guides and
professional rescuers who want to be better prepared to respond to
river emergencies. Swiftwater Rescue training is essential for
whitewater rafting guides and search and rescue professionals
in Montana.
“The initial emphasis of the class is to teach students how to
recognize and avoid hazards so they don’t become victims,” says
Mike Johnston, an instructor at the Whitewater Rescue Institute.
“After reviewing equipment, how to read water, and rescue basics
they’ll spend two full days on the river practicing self rescue and
rescuing others.”
Students learn how to prepare for and prevent accidents, how to swim 
defensively and aggressively in whitewater, simple shore-based rescues, 
technical rope systems, and much more.
“We want them to know how to stay out of trouble, how to self rescue
if they get in trouble, and have the skills to help some else who may
need help on the river,” Johnston  said. 
Students practice their skills while responding as a team to a series of 
realistic scenarios that allow them to size up a scene and make rescue 
decisions in real-time. By practicing in the river students learn what 
equipment and techniques work and which ones are less effective.  
Students get hands-on practice with the most likely rescue scenarios 
Montana rivers offer such as rescuing conscious and unconscious
swimmers, hypothermic victims, people stranded or entrapped, boat flips,
pins, and situations with multiple victims.
No experience is necessary. The class is certified through the 
Whitewater Rescue Institue ( WRI) which teaches river rescue 
and safety classes all over Montana and as far away as Costa Rica. 
The cost is $335. For more information or to register
 call Mike Johnston at 406-214-0245.
River Rescue Classes in Montana

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