Swiftwater Rescue Class, Missoula Montana: Learn River Rescue

Swiftwater Rescue Training, Montana

Missoula Swiftwater Rescue Class, April 20-22

Swiftwater rescue training scheduled for April 6-8 is now full. So the next two upcoming opportunities for Swiftwater Rescue Classes in western Montana will be April 20-22 and May 11-13. Heavy snowpack  will likely result in particularly high flows this spring with anticipated flooding throughout the state. We will be offering swift water classes for kayakers, rafters and whitewater guides, search & rescue teams and firefighters on just about every river in Montana this spring so be sure to let us know which training you are interested in asap. Our classes are fun, fast paced and taught by some of the most experienced instructors in the world. Learn response and river risk management while responding to a variety of realistic rescue scenarios.


Swiftwater Rescue training classes

Students respond during a rescue scenario

Swiftwater Rescue Classes: How to Prepare

No experience is necessary for our whitewater rescue courses at Montana River Guides. Our approach is to give everyone the most hands on practice possible. This means you will have more fun and get more out of the class if you are dressed properly. If you don’t have all of the personal equipment we recommend, don’t worry. Try to bring as many extra, non-cotton warm layers of fleece, smart wool or caliper you can. We can provide 3 millimeter wetsuits, and neoprene jackets which we can double up on for the early spring classes, providing over 6ml of insulation. It’s worth going to the Trailhead in Missoula to pick up some neoprene sox and gloves to keep your hands and feet comfortable. The Trailhead also rents drysuits which can allow you to stay more comfortable and get more value out of the swiftwater rescue training. Make sure you have a wool or fleece beanie to wear under your helmet.  Bring a thermos of warm drinks for the class each day along with a sack lunch. Make sure to stay hydrated and you’ll stay warmer as well.

Montana River Rescue Classes on the Blackfoot River near Missoula

We have been teaching swift water rescue all over the United States for over 20 years and our favorite place to teach is on the Clark Fork and Blackfoot Rivers near Missoula.  These rivers offer great training locations at a variety of river flows.  If you have any questions about the classes please call Mike at 406-214-0245.

swiftwater rescue class

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