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River Classes Near Missoula

Swiftwater Rescue, Guide Schools and Family Clinics

Ellie Turner Riverboarding Guide

Learn how to guide whitewater or get certified in swiftwater rescue in one of our upcoming swiftwater rescue technician classes or raft guide schools. River rescue courses are scheduled on the Blackfoot River, Clark Fork River, Beaverhead River, Gallatin River, Middle Fork of the Flathead, Yellowstone River, Missouri River, & Bighole River. Our next Raft Guide School  is May 10-14 in Missoula.  Swiftwater rescue classes  include a lecture and discussion on river safety and rescue basics, equipment, hydrology, and response risk management. This is followed by two days of practicing river rescue skills on the river and applying them to a series of fun, challenging scenarios. New this year are a series of family whitewater clinics in late June and a Teen Whitewater Camp.

swiftwater rescue training

Our next swift water rescue class is May 10-12 in Missoula.  There is  a raft guide school coming up May 10-14. and plenty of other swift water rescue, whitewater rafting workshops and raft guide schools throughout Montana in April May and June.

Missoula Raft Trips

Starting in late May, our rafting season will start and we will be offering Missoula Raft Trips on the Clark Fork River and Blackfoot River. It’s going to be a huge water year in Montana. Snowpacks are way up in most of our major drainages so get ready for a fun year.

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