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Rafting in Missoula is the Best

What’s so good about rafting in Missoula, MT?


Missoula rafting includes world class whitewater rafting trips for your friends and family on the Clark Fork River and Blackfoot River. We pride ourselves with providing top notch professionalism and premier customer service on all of our raft trips. Colder higher spring flows are giving way to warmer summer flows.

The Clark Fork is our mother river and flows right through the heart of downtown Missoula. Just 30 minutes downstream the spectacular Alberton Gorge holds Class II and III whitewater in one of Montana’s most beautiful river canyons. Summer rafting in Missoula¬†includes big fun rapids and plenty of opportunity to get out and swim and cool off.

Missoula rafting

The Clark Fork River Scenic Float Trips!

Missoula raft trips along the Clark Fork River can be relaxing and scenic with excellent wildlife viewing. There are several sections we float for these relaxing family trips for folks who don’t want the whitewater experience. Eagles, osprey, mergansers, and kingfishers all make regular appearances along the way and there’s always a chance to glimpse a moose, bear or mountain lion. After all, we’re in Montana and experiencing Montana’s beauty during a float trip is one of life’s great adventures.

At Montana River Guides we strive to give every one of our guests the best river adventure possible. Our guides are on the river every day, but we know that our guests usually get one day on our river all summer. We want it to be wonderful.

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