Swiftwater Rescue Classes in Montana - Montana River Guides

Swiftwater Rescue Classes in Montana

Whitewater Rescue Training

Learn River Rescue and Safety Skills

$335 per person

Swiftwater Rescue Training Montana

Swiftwater rescue Class

Location: Missoula, Montana on the Blackfoot River & Alberton Gorge

Rivers: Blackfoot & Clark Fork Rivers

Learn river safety and rescue skills with fun, knowledgeable people on Montana’s finest rivers. Swiftwater rescue training is an intensive river rescue class with a half day of classroom instruction followed by two days developing and practicing skills on the river. We emphasize safety & self-rescue, and an in-depth look at risk management, reading water, and decision-making.

Learn to recognize and avoid hazards and practice quick rescue techniques such as throw bags and rescue swimming. So students work together in teams to assess and solve boat wraps and entrapments, and technical rescue systems. After analyzing footage of actual river rescues in the classroom, we progress from a solid foundation of rescue skills and practice into rescue scenarios on the river.

This Swiftwater Rescue Training is challenging, fun and tailored to the student’s needs. No experience is necessary. Instructors design this course for novice river guides, private boaters, and professional rescuers and tailor curriculum to individual student experience levels and needs. A manual, test, patch, I.D. card, and certification are included. The course is compliant to NFPA standards 1670 is certified through the Whitewater Rescue Institute.


Bring a full wetsuit or drysuit, a pair of neoprene booties and gloves, a helmet (w/skull cap or beanie/hat), and a lifejacket. Dress properly, in good gear, and you will get a lot more out of the class. We have gear rentals available if needed.


Register by booking online or calling our office. We require a 50% deposit to hold your spot. Just give us a credit card number and your contact information. Agency billing can be arranged over the phone. If the course is cancelled or you cancel more than three weeks prior to the class a full refund will be made. Otherwise, you forfeit your tuition. For specific directions, a class outline, and lodging info, call Mike or Cody, at (406)-214-0245

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    The Superior Fire Department looks forward to the training in May we will receive from MRG. First Responder Training better prepares us to safely complete our job.

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