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Mike Johnston

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A former backcountry ranger in Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks, Mike is a longtime guide who created Montana River Guides in 1994. An EMT and river rescue instructor, Mike has served on the local search and rescue team, the local whitewater association board, local bike path and historic park steering committees, the convention and visitors bureau, and chaired the local school board. For many years Mike was the only swiftwater rescue instructor in Montana. In 2008, Mike co-founded the Whitewater Rescue Institute  and has provided rescue training for thousands of boaters, guides, and professional rescuers. WRI has been a leader in Inland Oil Spill Response, both responding to river accidents and providing training nationwide on how to respond to and clean up industrial spills in moving water.  Mike also introduced the sport of riverboarding to Montana over two decades ago and became the only outfitter in the United States guiding whitewater rafting and river boarding trips. One of these days it’s going to catch on with the masses–one of these days.

My family and I had a once in a lifetime experience River Boarding with Mike. He was an amazing guide and made even the less adventurous among us comfortable in the water. River Boarding, which is essentially boogie boarding in the river wearing wet suits, helmet, and life preserver, is something that Montana River Guides developed and is an incredible way to be intimate with the River. We thoroughly enjoyed our 7 mile journey through swiftly moving currents and a some rapids. Along the way we were able to observe the River and scenery and even saw bald eagles up close.
Super fun for the whole family!
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