Rafting Clinics and River Rescue Classes in 2020 | Montana River Guides

Rafting Clinics and River Rescue Classes in 2020

Swiftwater Rescue Classes

Raft Guide Schools

Rafting & River Safety Clinics and Camps

Swiftwater rescue class


April 6-7         Rafting Workshop                                            Missoula, MT

April 3-7         Raft Guide School 

April 3-5         Swiftwater Rescue Technician

April 17-19      Swiftwater Rescue Technician

April TBA.      Swiftwater Rescue Technician                       Bigfork, MT

May 8-12        Raft Guide School

May 11-12       Whitewater Rafting Workshop                         Missoula
May 23-24     Whitewater Rescue Institute: Technician       Bozeman

May 25-26.     Whitewater Rescue Institute: Technician.     Gardiner

May TBA        Whitewater Rescue Institute: Technician       Billings

May 30-31      Whitewater Rescue Institute: Technician       Yellowstone

June 5-7.         Whitewater Rescue Institute: Technician.     TBA, MT

June 5-7        Whitewater Rescue Institute: Technician.       West Glacier

June 12-14     Whitewater Rescue Institute: Technician.      Missoula

June 12-16      Raft Guide School

June 15-16       Whitewater Rafting Workshop.                       Missoula
June 19-21.      Family Whitewater Workshop.                        Missoula

June 22-25.     Teen Whitewater Camp                                     Missoula

June 29-July 2Teen Whitewater Camp: Raft,Kayak, Surf    Missoula

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