Rafting Clinics and River Rescue Classes in 2020 - Montana River Guides

Rafting Clinics and River Rescue Classes in 2020

Swiftwater Rescue Classes

Raft Guide Schools

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Swiftwater rescue class

Mike and Everett just returned from Costa Rica where they worked with Aerie Backcountry Medicine and taught Swiftwater rescue. We are really excited for the upcoming season of Swiftwater rescue training, Raft Guide Schools, Rafting Workshops and Youth Adventure Camps. Give us a call any time for more information.

April 6-7         Rafting Workshop                                            Missoula, MT

April 3-7         Raft Guide School 

April 3-5         Swiftwater Rescue Technician

April 17-19      Swiftwater Rescue Technician

April TBA.      Swiftwater Rescue Technician                       Bigfork, MT

May 8-12        Raft Guide School

May 11-12       Whitewater Rafting Workshop                         Missoula
May 23-24     Whitewater Rescue Institute: Technician       Bozeman

May 25-26.     Whitewater Rescue Institute: Technician.     Gardiner

May TBA        Whitewater Rescue Institute: Technician       Billings

May 30-31      Whitewater Rescue Institute: Technician       Yellowstone

June 5-7.         Whitewater Rescue Institute: Technician.     TBA, MT

June 5-7        Whitewater Rescue Institute: Technician.       West Glacier

June 12-14     Whitewater Rescue Institute: Technician.      Missoula

June 12-16      Raft Guide School

June 15-16       Whitewater Rafting Workshop.                       Missoula
June 19-21.      Family Whitewater Workshop.                        Missoula

June 22-25.     Teen Whitewater Camp                                     Missoula

June 29-July 2Teen Whitewater Camp: Raft,Kayak, Surf    Missoula

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