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Riverboarding Montana all Summer

Rafting & Riverboarding near Missoula

North America’s Number 1 Riverboarding Trip; The Alberton Gorge

Riverboarding is Montana’s best summer adventure. Missoula rafting is known to be fantastic and some of the best in Montana. What people don’t know is the number one river boarding destination and outfitter in North America is right in Missoula’s back yard on the Alberton Gorge. Montana River Guides has been guiding river board trips on the Gorge for over 20 years. The Alberton Gorge’s deep channels and fun whitewater is perfect Riverboarder location-the waves are big and the surfing is always in.

If you have tried Montana Rafting or Whitewater Kayaking and want more action, a Riverboarding trip is the ticket. Missoula Montana has a lot going on but it also has one of the world’s best surf waves downtown and one of the world’s best river boarding destinations thirty minutes away. Instead of being on top of the water in a boat, you are right in the power of the current. We provide a wetsuit, helmet, life jacket, booties, fins and a board.  After getting geared up we head to the river for a safety talk, orientation and practice session. You’ll learn to look at the river and understand where the current is the strongest and why.  Teamwork is essential on a river board trip, so we use the buddy system learn how to stay together during the trip.

While on a river board trip you become part of the river. Guides will give you pointers on how to read water and use the current to your advantage. You’ll learn how to ferry across current, change angles quickly and maneuver to avoid obstacles. Like an otter, you’ll use eddies and eddy lines to stop and rest or slow down to adjust spacing with the team. River boarders can blast through waves and river features that would flip rafts. The poser of the river is exhilarating. One of our guests said it’s like being immersed in adrenaline.


Group adventures on the Alberton Gorge-Riverboarding

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A smiling river boarder attacks Fang Rapid with Montana River Guides

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